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bettierage's Journal

Bettie Rage: Ugly Mean & Evil
1 May 1973
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Hi. My name is Teresa. I respect passion and honesty over all other things.

I currently live in Texas but am originally from DC.

I am a Network Admin by day, and a demon of the roller derby the rest of the time. Bettie Rage is my roller derby name, and I was Captain of the best team in The Texas Rollergirls, The Honky Tonk Heartbreakers! Texas Rollergirls Champions 2004, 2005, AND 2006. Yeee ha!

For fun I work settling concerts for a ticket company, read and take photos for a few bands websites.

I think music and art are real magic. I have been called a club kid, goth, rockabilly, glam, punk, rocker, nerd bird. All of these things are as true as the are not.

I think that rocking is fundamentally important.

Apparently, I also write the most cheesy bios. Just read my journal if you wanna know more about me and can bear it....